Why am I doing this?

 This is the start of kind of a new journey for me. I used to write blogs quite a bit but gave it up a few years ago. Why, you ask? I honestly don’t even know. I probably got busy and didn’t make it a priority. If you want to look around blogspot and try to find my old account, be my guest.     So now you ask me why I am starting it back up. That’s a great question. I’m starting it again because this is my outlet; I don’t draw and I hate public speaking but I have thoughts and they are thoughts that I have put a lot of thought into and feel like need to be shared. So I write.     I am a Youth Pastor, I care about teens and where they are in life. What you see and feel and are being told is true and real in the universe.  I don’t want to be just about voice that is talking. I hope I am another person who is listening, and then telling you what I believe to be true based on the Word of God. I hope that my voice can be something different from what you’re used to. See you again soon. Beth
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