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I kinda hate the church

 I’m going to start this off by saying “yes, this is a rewrite”; if you go to my facebook account and go back a few years you will see nearly this exact article. I randomly saw this again the other day (thanks facebook memories) and saw that it was still full of a lot of truth today, as well as in need of a few edits and add-ins.  So I hope you enjoy this, and are maybe offended a little, and encouraged to think about your heart. I kinda hate the church. Not THE CHURCH, as in the body of believers who have asked God to forgive them of their sins and are living to serve Him, to follow His will by loving and serving others. I LOVE that CHURCH! But I kinda hate the church. The group of people who meet together every week and include people who really do love God and who lead other people closer to Him but it also includes people who think that they have “done enough for God” and that they’ve gotten everything out of the Bible that there could possibly be to get. They believe that they und
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The Family of God

 Don’t you just love reading a story you’ve already read over and over again? Some people cannot stand to read a book (or watch a movie or show) that they’ve already seen, there are so many great things out there why would I stick with what I’ve already seen? Some people would rather stick with an “oldie but a goodie" because they like what’s familiar, they know what’s going to happen and they can pay more attention to what’s going on in the background because they already know the main story. That is me, I am the person who likes to watch old shows and ready old books over and over again; just ask my family.  Maybe that’s why I’ve never had any real problem with devotions. I’ve never had a problem with reading this same Book over and over again, for 1 thing, it’s amazing!! For another, it’s a really big book so there is always more to notice.  So today I was reading one of the most over-read but under-appreciated passages in scripture: The Genealogy of Jesus in Mathew 1. I know,

Why am I doing this?

 This is the start of kind of a new journey for me. I used to write blogs quite a bit but gave it up a few years ago. Why, you ask? I honestly don’t even know. I probably got busy and didn’t make it a priority. If you want to look around blogspot and try to find my old account, be my guest.     So now you ask me why I am starting it back up. That’s a great question. I’m starting it again because this is my outlet; I don’t draw and I hate public speaking but I have thoughts and they are thoughts that I have put a lot of thought into and feel like need to be shared. So I write.     I am a Youth Pastor, I care about teens and where they are in life. What you see and feel and are being told is true and real in the universe.  I don’t want to be just about voice that is talking. I hope I am another person who is listening, and then telling you what I believe to be true based on the Word of God. I hope that my voice can be something different from what you’re used to. See you again soon. Beth